Welcome to the Church on the Rock-New Haven website.  As a church body, we're here to make "the God Difference" inwardly (in our personal lives,  families, and church community) and outwardly  (in the Greater New Haven community and the world for which Christ died).


We are serious about helping you and your family grow in Christ.  We believe that God has blessed us with exceptional ministries to children, youth, young adults, singles, families, and seniors.


And yet, we are most committed to the notion that growth, betterment, and divine transformation can ultimately only be brought about by making way the for Christ in us to become the Christ who operates through us. We're here to serve and raise up fellow servants who will help carry out our assignment with hearts of love.


Our greatest work takes place outside of the walls of our church building. Our good reputation in the community is the result of God's grace and our own willingness to step in and meet the needs we see all around us.


We're here to be a blessing!  Join us on a Sunday morning  at 95 Hamilton Street, New Haven. We hope to meet you real soon!



Pastors Todd and Leslie Foster